Contact Lenses

Just you and clear vision.

No limitations from spectacle frames, no fogged up lenses on rainy days, no spectacles falling off as you lift your child or grandchild into the air to play – contact lenses provide better more natural vision. David Stephensen Optometrist has a reputation for our outstanding contact lens fitting services. We receive many referrals each week from other optometrists to help provide people with the vision they deserve. Whether you are sick of reading glasses, or have complicated eyes such as keratoconus or a corneal transplant we have options available for you at David Stephensen Optometrist. Use the links below to explore the many ways that contact lenses can enhance your lifestyle:
  • Easy one day disposable – perfect for occasional contact lens needs such as sports or an important outing
  • Everyday disposable – options for up to 30 days wear including astigmatism and multifocal contact lenses
  • Astigmatism – there are fantastic options for astigmatism, including the amazing Synergeyes Duette
  • Multifocal – are you sick of your reading glasses – David Stephensen Optometrist has this covered – even if you have astigmatism
  • RGP contact lenses – amazing clarity of vision, and the affordability of a long lived contact lens platform. David Stephensen Optometrist are your go-to place for your rigid gas permeable contact lens needs. We can even create fully customised contact lens designs if you have special needs.
  • Keratoconus – for most people with keratoconus a contact lens is your only option to obtain clear and confident vision. David Stephensen Optometrist has the most extensive range of keratoconus contact lens options in Queensland. If there isn’t a design that suits your cornea, we will design a custom version for you.
  • Mini-scleral contact lenses – These larger size rigid contact lenses provide a comfortable and stable form of vision correction. Virtually dust-proof these contact lens can be worn in the most challenging of environments – perfect for work, rest and play. Suitable for patients requiring stable vision, patients with keratoconus, pellucid marginal degeneration, corneal transplants, limbal stem cell failure, dry eyes or eye injury.
  • Hybrid contact lenses – marrying the high performance optics of a rigid gas permeable contact lens with the comfort of a soft contact lens the hybrid contact lens provides high definition, comfortable vision. This lens type is available as a high definition distance vision contact lens, a multifocal contact lens, and a hybrid contact lens for keratoconus.
  • Corneal transplant contact lenses – corneal transplants are life transforming surgeries. However, often there is still a need for specialty eye-wear to fully exploit the potential vision. At David Stephensen Optometrist we are very familiar with dealing with the vision needs of patients with corneal transplants. We can advise or even fully custom design contact lenses to suit your corneal transplant.