Easy One Day Disposable Contact Lenses

Fresh and safe every day.

  Contact lenses are a great way to experience Confidence in Your Vision. Not having to worry about having to clean your contact lenses every night, or worry that they will be clear and comfortable is the advantage of the easy one day disposable contact lenses. Excitingly there are some amazing new polymer technologies coming in 2014. David Stephensen Optometrist has been fortunate to gain early access to one of these profoundly different lenses – the BioTrue OneDay from Baush + Lomb. BioTrue OneDay has a mixture of polymers with the Surface Active Macromers (SAM) giving it an amazing capacity to retain water within the contact lens matrix, and match the natural water content of the eye. If you have had trouble with contact lenses drying out, but would love to wear contact lens you should contact David Stephensen Optometrist to arrange your contact lens consultation*. *Please note that consultation fees may apply in addition to Medicare rebates