Multifocal Contact Lenses – No more reading glasses!

See and read the way you deserve.

There are enough challenges once we pass 40 years of age, but one of the most annoying is the loss of our ability to focus our eyes when reading. Whilst great spectacle lenses are available to help with this problem, spectacles are not always the most practical solution. Rainy days, sports, or even things as simple as kissing a loved one are affected by the wearing of spectacles. Now there is a better way with contact lenses – multifocal contact lenses. David Stephensen Optometrist has the most complete portfolio of multifocal contact lenses available. Including the new Duette Progressive contact lenses that are only available through a few practices in Australia. David lectures extensively to other optometrists to teach them how to successfully fit multifocal contact lenses. Contact us today to have your multifocal contact lenses fitted but the multifocal contact lens experts.